Your Result: The Visionary Founder

visionary founders

Your entrepreneurial strength is your creativity and your ability to see emerging trends.

You are likely to excel in areas such as creative thinking, idea generation, opportunity-spotting and vision-setting.

You are a visionary founder


Your key skills

You have an entrepreneurial advantage in the following areas:

  • Using your imagination
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Developing creative and purposeful ideas that people value
  • Seeing the future and working towards a vision
  • Acting ethically and sustainably for the benefit of your business
  • Planning how to turn ideas into action


Your actions

Use these skills to find innovative ways to solve problems.

You understand what people want and need.

You are able to get ahead, disrupt, thrill and inspire followers with these attributes.

Areas for development

Strengthen your skills in these areas:
  • Tenacity
  • Financial acumen
  • Leadership
  • Getting get things done with limited resources
  • Motivation and focus
You could also improve your strengths by working on:
  • Project management skills
  • Taking the initiative
  • Risk-taking
  • Team work
  • Networking
  • Learning through experimentation and practice

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People like you include:

  • Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who had a vision to turn powerful technology into tools that were easy to use

  • Innovator Maxine Clark who grew the global Build-A-Bear Workshop empire, inventing an entirely new category of retail stores

  • Young British entrepreneur Jamal Edwards who began filming local rappers on his housing estate and now operates a multimedia urban music platform