Understand Your Founder Skill Set

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1 "I see market trends and can predict future needs ahead of others"

2 "I find it easy to think of new ideas and find creative ways to solve a problem"

3 "When I develop a vision, I plan all the steps that I need to take to achieve it"

4 "When I have an idea, I know how to decide if it’s valuable and worth pursuing"

5 "Ethics in business are important to me – and I take action against unethical behavior"

6 "I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and I can see where others are strong and weak"

7 "I stay focussed on my goals and I never give up – even when faced with unexpected challenges"

8 "If I need to find a resource – such as technical help, a business partner, an influencer or some funding – I will work out how I can get it and take action"

9 "I am financially literate; I understand cashflow, budgeting and taxation and I can judge a good investment"

10 "I can inspire others with my ideas. I can engage stakeholders when I need to"

11 "When I see something needs fixing, I fix it"

12 "I take a strategic approach, defining the why and the how, and always reviewing the process"

13 "I take calculated risks and I can cope with uncertainty in business"

14 "I value teamwork and co-operation with others. I like to think about ways that teams can work well together"

15 "I learn by doing. I reflect on success and failure. I decide what I need to do next to improve"

Understand Your Founder Skill Set
You need to focus on 'Ideas & Opportunities'
You need to focus on 'Resources'
You need to focus on 'Taking Action'

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