Your Result: The Tenacious Founder

Your entrepreneurial strength is your emotional maturity and your tenacity.

You are likely to excel in areas such as self-belief, leadership and financial acumen.

You are a tenacious founder


Your key skills

You have an entrepreneurial advantage in the following areas:

  • Staying motivated to achieve your goals
  • Knowing yourself and your capabilities
  • Getting things done with limited resources
  • Managing money and achieving profitability
  • Inspiring others to believe in your vision


Your actions

Use these skills to build a sustainable business with a clear direction. People will have confidence in your ideas.

You understand what you need to reach goals, and you can work out ways to get them – whether that’s talented people, equipment or resources. Make a plan.

By demonstrating your self-awareness and motivation, others will be attracted to help you achieve your vision.

Areas for development

Strengthen your skills in these areas:
  • Creative thinking
  • Trend spotting
  • Risk-taking
  • Learning through experiences
  • Valuing ideas
You could also improve your strengths by working on:
  • Taking the initiative
  • Planning and management
  • Big picture thinking
  • Being a team-player
  • Ethical and sustainable approaches

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People like you include:

  • Co-founder and philanthropist Cher Wang of Taiwanese tech firm HTC. Wang overcame failure in the laptop market and re-invented HTC as a smartphone innovator – despite skepticism from investors  

  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who gave up a lucrative Wall Street career to pursue his business vision

  • US media entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey who attributes her success to self-awareness: ““As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around”