Based on your self-assessment, it looks like you should work on skills such as self-awareness and self-belief, motivation and focus, getting things done with limited resource, financial acumen and leadership.

We call this category ‘Resources’.

Use Founderval’s training programme to strengthen your skills. Each week we’ll send you a practical exercise that will help you improve, plus other ideas and advice for increasing your overall abilities as an entrepreneur.

You will:

  • Develop a stronger belief that you will succeed, and understand how you can influence events despite setbacks;
  • Learn how to stay focussed on your vision;
  • Discover ways to increase the resources available to you;
  • Get better at making financial decisions and understanding money in business;
  • Become a more persuasive, inspiring communicator who motivates others.

The training programme launches in summer 2019. Subscribe before launch and you’ll receive your weekly workout for free.


PS This is a work of love. You will not receive spam, upsells or anything other than the weekly exercises ❤️ Privacy Policy

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Launching later in 2019, Founderval is a free personal development resource for business owners, freelancers, social entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to increase their entrepreneurial skills.

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