Ideas & Opportunities

Based on your self-assessment, you should work on skills such as creative thinking, idea generation, opportunity-spotting, vision-setting and sustainable planning.

We call this category ‘Ideas & Opportunities’.

Use Founderval’s training programme to strengthen your skills. Each week we’ll send you a practical exercise that will help you improve, plus other ideas and advice for increasing your overall abilities as an entrepreneur.

You will:

  • Grow your imagination and discover how to seize opportunities;
  • Develop creative and purposeful ideas that people value;
  • Get better at seeing the future and working towards a vision;
  • Learn the value of acting ethically and sustainably for the benefit of your business;
  • Identify how to turn ideas into action.

The training programme launches in summer 2019. Be an early-adopter and get it for free.


PS This is a work of love. You will not receive spam, upsells or anything other than the weekly exercises ❤️ Privacy Policy

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Launching later in 2019, Founderval is a free personal development resource for business owners, freelancers, social entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to increase their entrepreneurial skills.

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