About the Founderval Training Programme

Launching in summer 2019, Founderval is a free personal development resource for business owners, startups, freelancers, social entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to increase their entrepreneurial skills.

Founderval’s series of practical exercises, thinking tools and actionable advice is sent weekly to subscribers, forming a training programme that founders can use for ongoing self-improvement.

The exercises are independent, so you can select which ones to complete according to your strengths and weaknesses. Use Founderval’s quick skills audit to discover your competencies and understand which areas you need to focus on.

Founderval’s training programme is mapped to – and inspired by – a key piece of recent research published about entrepreneurial skills development (see ‘The Science Bit’ below).

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By regularly following the exercises and workouts in the programme you can expect to:

  • Grow your imagination and discover how to seize opportunities;
  • Develop creative and purposeful ideas that people value;
  • Get better at seeing the future and working towards a vision;
  • Learn the value of acting ethically and sustainably for the benefit of your business;
  • Identify how to turn ideas into action;
  • Develop a stronger belief that you will succeed, and understand how you can influence events despite setbacks;
  • Learn how to stay focussed on your vision;
  • Find ways to increase the resources available to you;
  • Improve financial decisions and your understanding money and value in business;
  • Become a persuasive, inspiring communicator who motivates others;
  • Learn how to get started turning ideas into reality;
  • Get better at prioritising, organising and goal-setting;
  • Make improved decisions that account for risks and uncertainty;
  • Understand the benefits and opportunity of working with others – and become good at it;
  • Discover the joy of practice and refinement, learning how to reflect on success and failure with a positive outcome.

The Science Bit

A few years ago the European Commission’s in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre, conducted a substantial piece of work to identify a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a competence.

The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, widely known as ‘EntreComp’, was published to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of individuals and organisations.

The EntreComp framework defines three competence areas (labelled ‘Ideas & Opportunities’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Into Action’) and a broad list of 15 different competencies, including attributes like ‘Creativity’, ‘Motivation & Perseverance’ and ‘Planning & Management’. It suggests learning outcomes and proficiency levels related to each of these key competencies.

Founderval uses the EntreComp framework to organise its training programme, delving into each competence area to explore and propose highly practical ways that each of us can become better, more successful founders through practice and experimentation.

While EntreComp is of European origin, its relevance is universal. From the Harvard Business Review’s take on The Skills That Make An Entrepreneur to this recent Twitter thread started by US investor and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, as well as discussions across other continents in business and academia: EntreComp has captured all of the attributes that commonly define our global understanding of the full entrepreneurial skillset.

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Who Creates This?

The training programme has been researched and devised by Luke Mitchell. Luke works in entrepreneurship support at a UK university. He previously owned a youth marketing business for ten years (sold in 2012) and has worked on the launch of numerous startups, including Voxburner, FamilyBreakFinder and Blinkbox (now TalkTalk TV). Luke has helped hundreds of founders get started and grow. He is passionate about entrepreneurial skills development.

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